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6:40AM December 19, 2021

Cheryl Adler

I hope to hear something about 2698 she boss rd duck river tn when they will be coming out here to start or when we be able to have the better internet

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10:47AM January 12, 2022

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Construction is underway in Hickman County, and our goal is to complete this by the end of the year. The county is divided into 22 design areas (sections). As mainline and secondary construction finishes in a section, we can begin in-home/business installations in that area. You are in section 18. To follow progress, you can also enter your address on the INFO MAP tab on mlconnect.com; this is different from the "Enter Your Address To Start" box. Once your address pops up, click outside of the SEARCH RESULTS box for an update on your address. You can also contact MLEC for assistance.