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5:30PM October 11, 2021

Eva Sweet

Could you please tell me when 6924 Primm Springs Road in Lyles Tennessee will be able to get the broadband we have been waiting for years and years and years for Internet to come to Primm Springs Road and nobody has it yet. We have been here 25 years without internet.

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12:21PM October 12, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Main line construction has started in the county, and as a section is completed, secondary construction (the more tedious, time consuming pieces of splicing, testing, etc.) will begin and finish before in-home/business installations can start. You can follow our progress by using the interactive map on our website; once your address pops up, click outside the "Search Results" box for construction/installation updates. When the STATUS line reads "IN SERVICE," you can request to complete a Participation Agreement to process an order. Please keep in mind that dates are ESTIMATES ONLY and can be impacted by weather, COVID, labor and equipment supplies and other variables.