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12:37PM August 30, 2021

Ashley Casey

Will we receive a call when installations are ready in our area? I am in DA9 and see from the comments below that you expect installations to begin there in early fall. I do not currently live in the area but we are starting construction on the home now and I want to make sure to run the lines while we're under construction. Thank you!

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2:26PM September 13, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Sorry! I didn't address your original question. When you see the service go "LIVE" for your area on the map, you can reach out to your local MLEC office to complete a Participation Agreement and process an order.

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2:25PM September 13, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please forward the full address for where your new home will be to customercare@mlconnect.com. New construction takes a bit longer because it has to be added to the engineering plan. Also, please include in your email if you plan to go overhead or underground with your electric service, as your fiber will be built the same.