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10:43AM June 16, 2021


I just discovered that even though I signed up at this site online early on in this process I am not signed up to receive MLEC Connect service. I stopped by my local office and was told to be signed up you had to come by the office and physically fillnout the application. Why on God's green earth would you have a website application that leads us to believe we are ready to go but are really not. Now I gave been put at the end of the list and am over a month out even though installations are going on in my area. In my opinion this is very poor customer service and I for one am very disappointed in MLEC.

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2:45PM June 22, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
We are sorry for any confusion. The website intent was to register interest as the project was being designed and to give us a way to contact interested members as things progressed. Please accept our apologies as we work to improve the order process. We value all of our members and look forward to serving you with great broadband and delivering quality service.