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11:58AM May 18, 2021

michael barley

Hi. Do you have any updates on DA14 area? Said 1Q and updated to Q2. When do your Q run like calendar or fiscal as Q2 would be by end of June. Looking forward to more reliable and faster internet! Thanks

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6:15PM June 07, 2021

michael barley
Great news! Looking forward to it and ready when you are :)

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11:30AM May 26, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Great question! The quarters are calendar year, and the Estimated In-Service Dates on the map are just estimates and can impacted by weather, unforeseen construction issues, etc. Our goal is to begin installations in this area by the end of June. Main line construction is finished for your DA and secondary construction (the more time consuming part) is underway. We appreciate your patience!