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3:31PM May 12, 2021

Otice stephens

Estimate for service at 148 Walton Road, Hampshire

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3:24PM May 13, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Your address is in number 5 of 29 design areas (sections) of Phase 3. Main line construction is nearing completion and secondary construction (the more tedious, time consuming pieces of splicing, testing, etc.) will start soon. Our goal is to begin installations in your area this summer (estimate only); however, weather, demand and other uncontrollable issues could change the timeline. You can follow our progress using the interactive map on mlconnect.com​; once your address pops up, click outside the "Search Results" box for updates. When you see the "STATUS" line change to "IN-SERVICE," you can reach out to your local MLEC office to process an order with a Participation Agreement.