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11:00AM May 10, 2021

Steve Brady

The project notes have not been updated in a couple months. I called up and was told the project may be behind schedule. Can we get an update on when you will be doing hook ups in Summertown on the Lewis county side? I saw the splicers out here working, so I'm hoping it's soon since they ran the fiber in December. My address is 148 Fifth Road and I work from home. I really could use reliable internet, it's been rough over the last 6 months.

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2:24PM May 10, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Thank you for checking with us. Weather, demand, and other uncontrollable issues have impacted our timeline, but we are committed to pushing through and making broadband an option for all MLEC members. Presently, the ESTIMATE for going live (in-home/business installations starting) in this area is this summer. Main line construction on the 31 miles of fiber to serve the area is finished, and secondary construction (the slower tasks of splicing, testing, etc.) is underway. Thank you for your patience!