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World class broadband - hometown service

12:23AM May 12, 2019

James Allen

I used to live in civilized areas of this world like Germany and Colorado Springs and the Denver area. I have always had cable internet and it's usually very expensive. Usually 150 Mbs was considered fast and they would charge about $90. So after looking over your pricing for your services for data speeds, paying about $80 or slightly more for 1 GB of data speed kinda makes me hesitant to believe what I am seeing. We currently have Viasat and we are paying about $150 for 50 Mbs which is the fastest satellite internet we could find. And if a cloud flies over us the internet dies out or they will throttle us during peak hours to around 10 Mbs. 10 Mbs is nearly dialup days slow and it's a constant source of frustration for us. All I can say is if you do put in this internet cable or fiber ( I am guessing its fiber due to the 1 GB option ). But if you do this I will be eternally grateful to you guys. I feel like my hopes are being raised just to have them dashed because so many goobers out here think cable internet also means you haft to have the TV packages even though you have stated clearly thats not the case. I hope this happens so we can happily get rid of satelite.