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12:09PM March 25, 2021

Matt Christian

What is the estimate on connections being made on Piney Creek. Previous connection date estimates keep slipping further and further away. Any update?

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12:16PM March 29, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Main line construction for your area is completed, and the time consuming secondary construction (splicing, additional equipment installations, testing, etc.) is underway. While weather and other uncontrollable factors could impact our timeline, we hope to go live (begin drops and installations) in your area as early as June. You can follow progress with the Info Map on mlconnect.com. After entering your address, click outside of the SEARCH BOX for updates. When the "In-Service" status line changes to LIVE, installations are ready for your area. At that time, you can contact your local office to process an order, or because you have registered with us online, an MLConnect representative will attempt to reach you. We're on our way!