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World class broadband - hometown service

4:23PM April 01, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team Admin

Like building the electric system 80 years ago, building a fast, affordable, reliable broadband network will take time and starts with a strong foundation. Our goal is to serve all areas by the end of 2022. MLConnect is using a phase construction approach to build a reliable infrastructure for the entire five-county project. Services are being installed in Waverly, and construction is ongoing in Hohenwald and Centerville. After this, we will move to (in order) New Johnsonville, Erin, Tennessee Ridge, McEwen, Linden then Lobelville. It is our goal to have these all ready for service in 2019. We applied for six grants under the Tennessee Broadband Accessibility Grant Program and received one for a section of rural Humphreys County. We will apply for additional grand funds in the future. It will take time to cover MLEC's entire service territory, but we are committed to the task.