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2:24PM January 29, 2021

michael barley

MLConnect is currently working on main line construction for Lewis and Perry counties (Phase 3) When you put in address says Phase 3 is 0%? How far behind is the phase as it was said to be starting in Dec. It is a bit painful to be 3 min from office and right off 43S. Town has cable. Even outside town has cable. Those of just outside town have nothing or stuck with JTM. Please keep us updated and keep focus on those without or very poor internet. Can't wait to actually be able to work from home for a change. Would also be helpful to show more than percent to complete on a phase and more around when will it get to an address. Based on speed seems like June to reach 3 miles from town. Not a help.

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7:24AM February 01, 2021

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Phase 3 main line construction began on schedule in some portions of Perry County where grants had been targeted and right of way was already prepared. Crews are also working in Lewis County. As main line construction finishes for an area (29 sections for Phase 3), the more tedious and lengthy pieces of splicing, testing, etc. begin. Please be advised that due to weather, demand, and the impact of COVID-19 on our staff and work processes, we are behind schedule with construction and installations. We apologize for the regrettable and uncontrollable delays. You can follow our progress for your area using the interactive map on www.mlconnect.com. Once your address pops up in the "Search Results" box, click outside the box for construction/installation updates for your specific address. Thank you for your interest and questions.