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9:02AM February 11, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team Admin

MLConnect's original goal was to serve Coble and other areas outside of Phase I by the end of 2022. We're excited about the potential of moving that goal closer with the help of grants and other factors. As Phase I nears the end, Phase II will be designed. Areas selected for Phase II will be based on construction costs, existing infrastructure, time constraints, etc. Another determining factor is the amount of interest in each neighborhood (number of online registrations). This is why registering on the website is SO IMPORTANT. For example, if there are 50 houses on a road and only 4 registered, another location with 20 houses and 15 registrations looks to have more interest. High registration does not guarantee a neighborhood’s inclusion in the next phase, but more interest can increase its chances. Encouraging your neighbors to register as well would be a great help. Registration is not an obligation to buy, but shows area interest, helps guide future construction, and provides a way to contact you when broadband signups begin in their area.​ Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and http://www.mlconnect.com for updates.