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5:35AM August 11, 2020

Terry Barnes

A few quick questions if I may. Firstly , what is the hoped for time frame on service in the ER-01-3542 region ? Second what Make and Model of Router are you using or intending for us to use please ? Finally , will we have the option now, or in the future to supply a Router of our choosing ? This is not critically important in the grand scheme of things , but is something that would interest me if it is , or becomes , a option. Thank You , Respectfully , Terry Barnes

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12:58PM August 19, 2020

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Great questions! MLConnect estimates that installations will begin in your area during the September-October timeframe. Weather, COVID-19 or other variables may impact our timeline, but this is our goal. With your router questions, there is the opportunity for you to supply your own equipment. This option and the MLConnect equipment can be discussed one-on-one when discussing service to your location during the sign-up period. If you have registered interest with us online, an MLConnect representative will reach out to you at that time to provide the most current, accurate details. Take care!