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5:28PM July 23, 2020

Karen Rist

I have 2 questions; First, I am located in Houston County ER-01-3541 , any new idea on when you will be in my area? Second, For those of us who do not answer the phone to numbers we do not recognize is it possible to give us a phone number that you would be calling from when you need to contact us? Thank you in advance for your response and for being out there working during this troubling time. Please Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

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2:00PM August 07, 2020

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Hi there! Our goal is to begin installations for this area in September. Weather, COVID and other factors could move the timeline, but we're going strong. On the phone number, we have multiple representatives calling, so it would not be possible to supply one number. If you prefer to be contacted via email, let us know. Or, make sure that your voicemail is enabled, and we will glady leave a lmessage. #Connectwithus