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World class broadband - hometown service

2:18PM July 06, 2020

Steve Brady

Hello, we have around 100 personal accounts and 10-15 business accounts on The Farm Community that could represent quite a bit of revenue for MLConnect. There is a larger community in the area that would also benefit from having access to broad band. I was told that they should be making a timeline announcement about Phase 3 soon, can you let us know when this might happen? I am a Sr. Systems Engineer and have a house on the community, but can't live there because the internet service is so poor. I have been renting apartments in other towns for about 10 years and it would be great to be able to move back home. There are a number of other people in this same predicament and also others wanting to start online businesses, but are inhibited by poor internet service. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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12:14PM July 14, 2020

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Thank you for the information and your interest. We hope to make the announcement in the next few weeks, after we finish design and planning. Stay tuned!