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9:21AM June 09, 2020

Sabrina Nelson

I have seen some of the comments on here about Bold Springs being October/December 2020 to start. I live on Hurricane Creek Road McEwen Side. Seen one of your maintenance guys yesterday working on a house on our road on Waverly side, help him direct traffic because he was on a hill, but he thought you all were doing connect all the houses that were registered to be connected on our road. We explained we were on McEwen side he was confused. Was wanting to see when we might see internet?

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4:38PM June 10, 2020

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Thank you for assisting the contractors. It is great to live in our rural hometowns. Also, thank you for checking with us about service. Building the broadband network is an intricate project, and like electric service, different areas are "fed" from different locations following a specific path for reliability, cost, etc. Installations for your specific area are estimated to begin in the October/December 2020 timeframe. Weather and other variables could impact this, but we are on target at this time. Again, thank you for the assistance, the questions and this opportunity to share information.