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World class broadband - hometown service

12:08PM June 06, 2020

Randy Bowen

Hopefully this service comes soon to the Farm Community where there are at least 100 or more customers waiting patiently!

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4:42PM June 10, 2020

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
We appreciate everyone's excitement and support and are looking forward to serving all our members in time. ​For Lewis County, we are currently doing installations for some areas of Hohenwald. While your location is not eligible at this time, MLEC/MLConnect is committed to making broadband an option for ALL MLEC members. Our goal is to complete construction by the end of 2022, but considering the amount of interest, it will take longer to reach all the in-home and in-business actual installations. Because you have registered with us online, we will reach out to you when installations begin in your area. Look for a timeframe update for Lewis County soon. We appreciate your patience and support as we work to serve everyone.