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5:53PM January 14, 2019

MLConnect Customer Cares Team Admin

Great question! If NOT registered on our website, enter your address, select “residential” or “commercial” and then “Search For My Address.” If the next screen says, “Congratulations, your address is in the design stage,” you are in Phase I. Whether or not you are in Phase I, pick products you are interested in and click “Submit.” (Not an obligation to buy but registers interest and gives us a way to contact you when we are working in your area.) If you HAVE already registered, sign in or click on "Service Areas" above. From here, you can zoom in on the map. Areas in orange are in Phase I. The first MLConnect phase for broadband construction will help build the entire project’s infrastructure and must be built before we can move out to the more rural areas. But, we're coming! Other phases have not been designed at this time. To learn more about our phase approach and how you can register your area, check our FAQ section.