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9:52AM April 01, 2020

Robert Lee Williams

I know that this is a large task to get all these counties connected but the people in the rural areas of these counties are the ones needing this now. The city areas already have high speed internet. Those of us who rely on dish, hughes net, etc. are in dire need of high speed internet., We rely on our internet for business, education, shopping, and numerous other things. Do you have any time frame for my area? Shortly I will be forced to upgrade my hughes net and I was hoping That I would be on mlconnect before I had to do this. Looks like it will be another few years at the rate you are going.

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2:37PM April 01, 2020

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
Thank you for checking with us. We are working as quickly as we can to reach all areas. The reasons you described are why MLEC chose to start this journey. We understand how important broadband internet is to our members. Like building the electric system, we started where equipment was already in place and are building out as we go for the strongest, most reliable system. An announcement for a timeline to include Hickman, Lewis and Perry counties will be available later this year. I can share that our goal remains to finish construction to all five counties by the end of 2022. We appreciate your patience but also understand the dire need.