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2:23PM February 12, 2020

Brett Roberts

Our MLEC electric service in underground . Will the fiber be underground to our house too? Also our house is listed as phase 2, our address is 145 Langford Road Waverly, and I noticed that Tall Trees recently had the fiber lines and poles installed . Since we do get our electricity off HWY 70 versus Tall Trees grid , will we have access when Tall Trees internet becomes active? thanks

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9:56AM February 14, 2020

MLConnect Customer Cares Team
If your electric service is underground, the fiber to your home will be also. The service drop for underground takes a bit longer, so anyone who wishes, can have their fiber overhead. The rainy weather of late has slowed our progress; however, we expect to begin construction in your area in the next few months. Since you've registered with us online, an MLC representative will contact you when installations begin in your area.